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Anti Aging Drugs – Are They Safe?

While taking anti aging drugs won’t make you stay young forever, it could delay your body’s vulnerability to diseases, because of aging, a little longer. The factors that make anti aging drugs effective have to do with how much the human body should and could absorb certain nutrients. The use of Anti aging drugs have been recommended by medical experts through the years because of the alleged good effects which they have on the human body. However, it will still help to conduct thorough research about these anti aging drugs before deciding to include any combination to your daily dietary intake. Below are the common types of anti aging drugs and their known effects to the human body.

Anti oxidants

Among the many kinds of anti aging drugs in the market, anti oxidants are the most potent. These dietary supplements are marketed to target specific toxins which the human body needs to flush out. These toxins could be UV rays-related or caused by stress and lack of exercise. The primary ingredient of anti oxidants is fruit extracts. Taken by its self, anti oxidants are generally safe and effective. It’s similar to taking multivitamins. People undergoing medication should, however, research on the adverse effects of each anti oxidant with their prescription medicine. Should it prove to counter the effects of the prescribed medicine, an individual should discontinue use as soon as possible. A long and informed talk with your physician about anti aging drugs should be more than helpful. The most popularly known antioxidant are vitamin C, E, and A


Photochemicals are chemicals which are derived from plants. These ingredients are believed to be cancer-preventive. Among the most common are Flavonoids, which may be found in tea or coffee. Taken in moderation, these are proven to have antioxidant qualities similar to vitamin C. People should be careful about taking in too much caffeine though, which are also present in most plants containing Flavonoids.

Food containing some PhotoEstrogen ingredients are said to prevent estrogen-related cancer like prostate, breast, and colon cancers. Food types containing these include soy products, flax seed, garlic, onion, leeks, and chives. People who are taking in this type of photochemicals need to stay updated about developments, though, as the use of these supplements is still being studies. Recently, eating tofu, which is a soy product, was reported to trigger the growth of breast cancer cells in women. The effects of these photochemicals are harmless when they are taken in moderation. Any sort of intake abuse, however, can lead to unnecessary dietary imbalance.

Folic acid

Among the oldest known anti aging ingredient in dietary supplements is folic acid. Up to this day, folic acid is still known for reducing the risk of heart diseases. Similar anti aging ingredients include Vitamin B5, which improves the body’s ability to handle stress. Most heart diseases are triggered by excess stress, and a combination of folic acid and Vitamin B5 supplements in one’s diet should lower the risk or cardiac problems dramatically.

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