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Anti Aging Skin Care – Aging can be reversed?

There are two different kinds of aging: The first is named Intrinsic aging. The bad news is that it can’t be prevented. Intrinsic aging, also known as the natural aging process, is set by your genetic disposition. It determines how rapidly or not stuff starts “falling apart”.

What’s the good news then? The great news is that this type of aging, believe it or not, just counts for 10-20% of your aging! This is wonderful news, because it means that you have a very high percentage on your side to prevent aging. Welcome to the age of anti aging skin care.

This brings us to the second type of aging – Extrinsic aging, AKA environmental aging. This type of aging begins early in your life and is caused by a number of outside factors, which make your skin age prematurely. The main factor is photo aging, or exposure to the sun.

Other damaging factors include pollution, facial expressions, gravity, sleeping patterns, heat and wind as well as habits like smoking, poor diet, alcohol and not drinking enough water.

This all means that aging is highly preventable! The sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better. You know how some people look shamelessly young for their age? Now that you’re in on the secret, you’ll know that it’s not always from good genes. Maybe they’re just taking good care of themselves. Why not do the same?

One of the best secrets to reduce the signs of aging can be found in high-quality, pure anti aging skin care creams. Beware though. The word-wide web offers a vast array of anti aging skin care companies, all of whom try to convince you that their anti aging skin care cream is the Alpha-Omega of anti-aging. FYI: most of them aren’t. Here are some good questions to ask, to assist you in finding a quality anti aging skin care cream which actually does what you want it to: making you look younger:

* Do they feature a free trial/money back guarantee?

* Do they offer verifiable testimonials from people with before/after pictures? If not, keep shopping – anyone can erase wrinkles in a program like Photoshop.

* Are all the ingredients clearly listed? If not, it’s a red flag.

* Are the ingredients explained? If you see a list of unpronounceable ingredients without a detailed, verifiable explanation as to their anti aging qualities, how will you know it will work?

* As you read about the anti aging skin care cream, does it seem scientific? If not, run! It’s so very easy to get enticed by cleverly written sales-letters. If you’re going to be enticed by anything, let it be the extent to which they go to scientifically document why their product works – not sales fluff.

Asking these questions will dramatically increase your chance of finding a high-quality anti aging skin care product.

Ready to start looking right now? A great place to start is

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