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Aging has this tendency to manifest itself where everyone can see it. The immediate victim of the aging process is the skin. The more prominent evidence of aging can be seen in the face. Unwanted lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes are just some of the manifestations of an aging face. While we accept that aging is a fact of life and everyone will experience it, it’s also important that we find ways to care for our skin so we don’t have to look older than our actual age. The first step to having a healthier skin is to know the causes and effects of aging. A specific Anti-Aging Skin Care regimen can become your friend if you know full well what is causing your skin to lose its healthy and youthful look.

There are various theories of aging that have been debated upon over and over. The most popular and most accepted is the Oxidation Reaction Theory of aging. The theory states that when free radicals start to accumulate in the body, they start to wreak havoc internally, destroying and damaging the cells. This causes aging and the effects of which will begin to manifest in various ways, probably starting in the facial area. Continued exposure to air and water pollution will enhance the production of these free radicals in the body. If nothing is done to replenish the lost healthy cells, then the aging process will continue and at a faster rate. Aside from the oxidation reaction theory, another aging theory that has been widely accepted is the Sub-optimal Hormone Level theory. The theory states that as people grow old, there is a big decline in the ability of the body to produce hormones including melatonin, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, to name a few. With a steep decline in hormone levels, the aging process start to work overtime and visible signs and symptoms of aging can take place in various parts of the body, especially the skin.

When the aging process starts, it’s important to follow an Anti-Aging Skin Care regimen. Natural is always a good bet when it comes to Anti-Aging Skin Care. Always clean your skin using natural scrubs to free up the face from dead skin cells. Using moisturizers and toners will keep the skin soft and hydrated. Protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun is also a must. These simple natural skin care practice should be done in conjunction with other Anti-Aging Skin Care practices such as taking oral supplements that can include anti-oxidants and vitamins; going on a proper diet; taking anti-aging herbs like Ginseng and Rhodiola; and getting a good amount of exercise. These practices will get to the root cause of aging as well as help reverse the aging process.

An Anti-Aging Skin Care regimen should not be limited to just exfoliating dead skin cells or getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, it also involves a total body care that includes diet, exercise, and taking oral supplements. Aging is a inevitable, but there are ways to slow it down. You just need to find the best cure that fits your lifestyle.

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