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Beauty Tips – A Woman’s Makeup Guide

All women want to look good, and makeup is the best and easiest way for most women to upgrade their beauty. When makeup is used properly it can be a very powerful tool in a woman’s arsenal. Knowing how to access your requirements and apply makeup according to the occasion is imperative.

What should every woman have? How should you take care of your brushes? Where should you store your makeup? All these answers are available in this short woman’s makeup guide. Knowing when to apply what standard of makeup is very important.

The first, most important element that every woman should have is the makeup brushes. Makeup brushes allow you to put on your face makeup precisely, safely, and effectively, saving you time and mess. The brushes come in various sizes, shapes, and have different uses. Many women do not realize what every brush is intended for and use several brushes for the same thing. What brushes do you need?

* Eyelid Brush – Bigger than most shadow brushes and more accurate with blending
* Eyebrow Brush – Smoothes the brow, applies shadow, and aids in plucking
* Eyelash Brush – extend or separate lashes, apply color
* Lip Brush – Apply liner, lipstick, or lip gloss
* Face Brush – Large, useful for powder
* Concealer Brush – Used for creamy makeup
* Blush Brush – used for blush

Brushes should be cleaned regularly with shampoo and lukewarm water. After washing, reshape and thoroughly dry before using again. Use separate brushes for different shades and replace your brushes at least yearly. Brushes make a big difference, so be sure to use a brush that has not been used to its limit.

Another fundamental that every woman must have is the makeup case. Makeup cases are one makeup accessory that is both useful and sensible. They keep your makeup in one convenient spot allowing you to access your makeup at any time. They are also typically small, depending on your size preference and can be small enough to carry safely in your purse for last minute touch ups. Furthermore, when traveling, the makeup case can keep your makeup safe from bumps and bruises during travel.

Every woman should have a makeup kit as well. Your makeup kit should include:

* Mascara
* Lipstick
* Loose Powder
* Foundation
* Concealer
* Blush
* Moisturizer
* Lip Gloss
* Eyeliner
* Cotton Pads
* Cleansers
* Tweezers
* Makeup Mirrors
* Makeup Brushes

Of course, your makeup kit may be completely different from someone else’s. It is up to you to determine what elements are essential to your own personal makeup kit. The above is just a guideline of some essentials that you may want to consider. Go with what makes you comfortable and feel prepared for the work day, a night out on the town, a date, or just hanging out with the girls.

By following these easy steps you can easily look as per the occasion. Never again will you feel that you have over done or under done your makeup. Today more than ever, it is imperative that you dress and look the way the occasion dictates. These tips should give you a head start and provide you with a lot of ideas for experimentation, so dig out your makeup kit and start your day fresh.

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