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Beauty Tips and Secrets for Mature Women

There are some make-up rules that need to be adjusted as women mature. What appears perfectly all right with young women, might in fact add years to your look when you’re mid-thirties and up. Here are some tips to keep you looking your best:

1. Choose foundation that is a shade deeper than your skin tone. Your skin tends to grow paler as you age, so if you follow the traditional rule of selecting a foundation nearest to your skin tone, you will end up with a dull complexion. Applying warmer tones make your skin look more alive. If you wish, you can mix two tones: one matching your skin tone, and the other one, the next darker shade. Use the back of your hand for mixing the two shades, before applying with a foundation brush.

2. Concealers can be disappointing when you’re advancing in age. It has a tendency of accumulating on wrinkles, making the lines more noticeable. For dark circles under the eyes, limit the use of concealer to just the inner half of the eyes. Alternatively, just use a brush-on highlighter pen, instead of a concealer. This will give you a fresher look, and will moisturize your skin at the same time.

3. Avoid making your eyebrows look too harsh. This usually happens when you’re using an eyeliner pencil, instead of an eyebrow pencil. Eyeliners are softer, so they tend to transfer too much color. On the other hand, brow pencils are harder. They’re really meant to make lighter lines, which give your eyebrow a more natural look. For areas on your eyebrow that need patching up, try using a powder eyebrow pencil. This binds to the skin more readily than brow pencils.

4. Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. The usual technique of applying blush from the mouth to the ear tends to make you look too gaunt.

5. Use a lipstick brush when applying lipstick. When you apply lipstick directly on your lips, you tend to put on too much. Use the lipstick brush to apply color to the center of your lips first, before spreading it to the corners. This a good way of preventing feathering, which tends to worsen as you age because the border of the lips become softer.

6. Instead of using cream foundation, use liquid foundations that are hydrating or have a satin finish. Cream foundations tend to dry the skin because they have more pigment, which is actually powder. If you really like the full coverage that you get from cream foundation, you may offset the drying effect by applying a rich moisturizer or a hydrating primer before you apply the cream foundation.

7. Eye shadow usually gets erased when eyelids get oily. Some women try to compensate for this by applying more eye shadow. Unfortunately, this would make your eyes look too heavy. A better alternative is to apply a clear primer sparingly to the lids before putting on eye shadow. This will keep your eye shadow in place without weighing down your eyes. Furthermore, use powder eye shadow instead of cream eye shadow. The latter tend to accumulate on lines and creases.

Aline Heller writes about beauty and health. If you want to learn more beauty tips and secrets, go to 1001 Beauty Tips. Another resource is Admirable You: A Guide to Self Confidence.


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