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Beauty Tips – Choosing Lip Color

Good looking lips are the key to a beautiful face. But most people don’t know how to treat their lips so that they look like they are supposed to. Also many people who are looking to become professional makeup artists also need to know the importance of proper lip makeup. Remember that the personality of the face is defined by how the lips look.

Looking to venture into the world of lip makeup? Whether you’re looking for a luscious, alluring look, or just want a simple way to add a little flair to your face without a lot of fuss and mess, a good working knowledge of how to use lip makeup will help you look better and feel better about yourself, every day. So put some color where your mouth is.

There are so many products out there, deciding what kind of lip product is right for you might seem a little baffling. But when it comes down to it, there are only a few lip products that the average person really needs into order to achieve the look they’re after.

But before we talk products, we should talk color. From neon green to dark black, there is a lip product out there for every color in the rainbow. Just because you see a model in a fashion ad looking stunning in peacock-blue lipstick, does that mean it would be right for you? The answer is, probably not. For most people, you’ll want to stick to a more natural color spectrum, from dusty-roses to deep reds. If you’re feeling a little on the wild side, there are some dramatic reds, pinks and maroons out there, but on the whole, keep away from the greens, yellows, blues, blacks and whites. They don’t do anyone’s complexion any favors.

Even within the more natural color spectrum, you should take a close look at your complexion and hair color before selecting a lip color. Hot pink lipstick isn’t for everyone, and certainly not for everyone in every outfit. The more subdued and natural the tone of your lipstick, the less likely it will be that it will ruin your ensemble, so if you aren’t sure what color suits you best, play it conservative. And remember, you can always ask a specialist in the cosmetic’s sections of your department store to help you. Just don’t let them talk you into anything you can’t see yourself wearing every day.

As for the products themselves, a liner, a lipstick and a gloss will probably do the trick for just about anybody. First lightly line the outer edges of your lips with the liner, and no matter what anyone tells you about making your lips look fuller, don’t go outside the natural boundaries of your lips. It doesn’t make them look plump, it makes you look sloppy. Next, fill your lips in with the lipstick, and then blot, to remove excess makeup. Finally, and only if you’re looking for a shiny finish, apply a light gloss. If you’re looking for a subtler look, leave out the last step, and just get on your way, feeling ready to take a bite out of the world with a gorgeous mouth.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different colors and various lip glosses. Finding the right tone may require some experimentation. However don’t use this guide as a bible but rather as a handy list of tips that can help you extend the look of your face, via your lips. Also beware of fake or substandard products, only use products that have been introduced by reputable makeup manufacturers, this will help you avoid allergies or other skin issues. So start your day with a smile today!

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