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Beauty Tips – Hair Loss In Women

Hair for both men and women is considered a sign of beauty; it is however more for women than men and hair loss for both these genders are devastating. For most people it leaves a deep emotional scar that can last them a life time and give them no alternative route to take.

To many people, hair loss is a condition that affects only men. However, the reality is that hair loss affects both men and women every day. The difference between the two is the way the hair loss occurs. For men, it is typically a full out loss, extremely noticeable and a bald spot ensues. However, for women, hair loss is typically gradual and starts with thinning before it becomes noticeable and a major problem. While it’s rare to see a woman with a big bold spot on the side of her head; you will begin to notice that the hair is becoming thinner, and more of the scalp will start peaking through over time.

Hair loss has deep emotional effects on any person, male or female, however it seems that the emotional effects are worse for females experiencing hair loss. Hair on women is usually a source of pride, and women often take the time to have their hair styled and enjoy wearing hair accessories, so when they experience the loss of their hair, it can be extremely stressful for them. Women that have started to lose their hair experience a great deal of different emotions and effects psychologically from hair loss, in varying degrees of impact, such as:

* Self Esteem Issues
* Depression or Anxiety
* Feeling of Dysfunction in Society
* Control Issues
* Support Issues

The good news is that there are many ways to seek help in hair loss restoration. There are many over the counter remedies that may help in reducing the amount of hair loss, as well as treatments available by a trained hair restoration specialist. The first step in hair loss and restoration is diagnosing the cause of the loss.

Many things in life some common and others not so common can attribute to hair loss, such as:

* Hormonal Changes
* Aging
* Hereditary Patterns
* Prescription Drugs
* Scalp Damage
* Hair Damage
* Hair Pulling
* Deficiency in Diet
* Stress (physical or psychological)
* Chemotherapy
* Hypothyroidism
* Cystic Ovaries
* Autoimmune Disease

Of course, it could be any of the above reasons or other reasons that a woman experiences hair loss, however, they should all be taken seriously, treated, and counseling may be required to get through the emotional effects experienced from the hair loss.

The latest technology such as hair transplants have made it possible for men and women to recover from hair loss. Where as in the past this was not possible, and people who are experience hair loss had to go the path of many myths and half truths. Hair transplants are a viable solution, and can return the beauty of your face back to you, however for many hair transplants are expensive and for some it is impractical. Specially for people who have lost 70 percent or more of their hair.

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