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Disastrous Surgery To Natural Beauty – Marie Osmond’s Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery as several people know it, is a medical facility which enables flawless beauty to those who are willing to go under the knife and achieve beauty artificially. Last year, “Dancing with the stars” celebrity Marie Osmond’s plastic surgery made headlines over American tabloids because it was a case of plastic surgery going wrong. Now, the hard-pressed world of Hollywood, with all its glitz, glamour, competition and fast-paced life in general puts a lot of pressure on the celebrities we read about in the papers daily. As a result of this life, film stars of Hollywood or still television celebrities for that matter tend to lose their beauty in a short span of time. Careers which were traditionally many years long are shortened and the stars have no place to go. All this is chiefly because they lose their charm and beauty to the stress and action of their lives. It would be therefore extremely unfair on our part to blame them and say that they are wrong when they strive to achieve perfect beauty artificially. Ultimately, the name of the game for Hollywood is how attractive or beautiful a film star is.

Gone are the days when acting talents and skills were the major part in deciding the course of a Hollywood personality aspiring for national or even global recognition. It’s only the superficial attractiveness which people aspire to achieve and with new advances in medical science, plastic surgery for beautification of the body instantly boosts ones market value. But then again, there are alternatives which can make an aged or weary person to look more young and attractive. Some of the more popular ones are going in for strict exercise regimes, doing yoga, following cardio vascular programs like aerobic activities or dancing. Then why do people opt for plastic surgery only? One reason may be that plastic surgery produces everlasting results instantly. A standard surgical procedure, like a facelifts takes about a week to settle and if in a week a person can achieve flawless beauty on the face, then would they ever go in for exercise camps which seem to take ages?

Coming back to Marie Osmond’s plastic surgery, it was a terrible case which made her face seem extremely artificial. What she had gone in for was actually a brow lift. This surgical procedure lifted the eyebrows, giving the fore head an attractive appearance. This procedure is supposed to make one seem happy and alert all together. But in the case of this dancing star, the surgeon seemed to have given her a little too much of the brow lift. Her face then looked extremely artificial. Her apparently fake appearance instantly made headlines and she, partly due to her fame as a participant of the television show “Dancing with the Stars” received a lot of bad publicity. As it is, the media and much hated paparazzi lap up such scoops without fail every time, as so it was in poor Marie’s case a lot of internet sites at that time were filled with comment from the American public and media reporters. Most of them started hating her because it is a fact that no one likes to see natural beauty, artificially distorted.

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