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Filipino Recipe

Filipino dishes are very simple to prepare and it’s always pleasure to serve and eat. The recipes mostly consist of vegetables, seafood, dairy, meat and rice. They are always enriched with flavor and colors.

Filipino recipes are very much influenced by the recipes of other cuisines. For instance, they have adapted the noddles from Chinese, rice and meat dishes from Spaniards, spaghetti from Italians and fast food from Americans. But the distinct quality of Filipino dishes lies in the fact that these dishes are presented with Filipino touch. In short, one can say the Filipino cuisines are the epitome of delicacy.

In this article, I have shared few Filipino dishes that you can try making in your own kitchen. The instructions given here will help you to understand the essence of Filipino cooking. Just experiment some new cooking experince to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Igado: a very popular North Philippines recipe, it is prepared from pork tenderloin plus pig’s innards such as liver or heart. While making the igado, it is very important that the ingredients such as liver and heart should be clean. If you are using the kidneys, then you need to soak it in water with salt for at least 10 minutes after you slice them in order to reduce the odor.

Bulalo: a light colored soup prepared mostly with beef shanks and beef marrow. Seasoning is very important in the making bulalo. You can use patis, bay leaves or even garlic along with the salt and pepper. Bulalo is a simple cattleman’s stew, best made in a large cauldron with whatever vegetables are growing near by.

Dinengdeng: being a famous Ilocano dish, it mostly consists of vegetables such as jute leaves, the leaves of the horseradish tree, fruits of the bitter melon, amaranth leaves, sweet potato tubers and leaves, mushrooms like oyster mushrooms as well as wild potatoes.

Insarabasab: it has been originated from the Province of Ilocos and is a traditional Filipino recipe. While preparing the dish, pork has to be roasted on open fire until the pink color of the meat gets removed.

Pinipig Crunch: it is very similar to puffed rice or rice krispies- something similar to what we get in a bar of Nestle Crunch. It is prepared from a exclusive kind of rice.

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