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Homemade recipes on how to clean your sterling silver jewelry items!

It is a well known fact that the market is filled with different cleaning solutions that will help you in cleaning the ornaments. But the fact remains that all these cleaning agents contain harsh chemicals which can damage your ornament as well. Ornaments are generally made out of gold, platinum, titanium or sterling silver. Here we will discuss about sterling silver jewelry items. There are different jewelry brands that offer jewelry items created out of this metal. Some popular ones are Tacori Chicago, Diana, belle etoile and so on. Thus it is advisable that you stick to homemade recipes for cleaning your ornaments. Some such recipes are shared below:

1st Recipe: In this recipe you will need two cups of milk along with 5 teaspoons of tartar and cream each. In case you don’t come across tartar, you can always opt for vinegar. Even lemon juice is also a great option. Now take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them properly. Now place your sterling silver items in it and keep the item in this solution for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours before you go ahead and clean it. And as the final step you need to wash the items properly with cold water so that the solution is completely rinsed off.

2nd Recipe: We all know how tooth pastes play a significant role in cleaning our teeth. In the same way toothpaste is also a vital ingredient that will help you get rid of the stains in your silver jewelry items. However for this you need to use the white colored tooth paste and not the gel variety. Spread the paste all over the jewelry piece covering every inch of it. Say after 15 minutes, take a tooth brush and start rinsing the jewelry piece to get rid of the stains. After you are done with it and all the stains are taken care of, use cold water to wash off the paste. Now use a lint free cloth to dry the piece before you go ahead and store it in the jewelry box.

And the 3rd and the final recipe: for this one you need three vital ingredients, ammonia, a vegetable based liquid soap and a bluing liquid that can be easily found in the laundry section of any store. Once you have gathered all these three, take out a plastic container, pour all the three items in it and mix it with hot water and start mixing all the ingredients. Then let the mixture cool down, say let the temperature of the mixture be same as the room temperature. Once the required temperature is reached, use a piece of cloth and dab it in the solution and then use it to clean the Tacori Chicago jewelry piece. Once done you need to clean the item by using cold water. And finally dry it with a lint free cloth.

Use any of the three recipes to clean your sterling silver jewelry items without causing any further damage to it.

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