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How You Don’t Choose Your Anti Aging Skin Care Products

The anti aging skin care products and cosmetics industries are huge businesses, turning over billions of dollars a year. There are lots of US women looking for solutions to looking younger and looking good, and plenty of big companies that take advantage of this.

But sadly many of the anti aging skin care products that you buy just don’t really do very much. Unfortunately the cosmetics and skin care and anti aging industries are unregulated in the US and the companies can put just about anything they want in their products without proving that they work, and even without showing that the ingredients are safe for people to use.

So as well as the fact that many skin care products don’t work they can contain dangerous ingredients.

But despite this they sell huge amounts of these products that advertise their ability to make you look younger. Everywhere you look you see products telling you they will make you younger and look great.

So how do you navigate through all the hype and choose a range of anti aging skin care treatments that actually work, and don’t contain dangerous ingredients?

Here’s how not to choose a good anti aging product.

1. Make sure you don’t buy any anti-aging products that contain fragrances. The big companies put fragrances in their skin care ranges because they know we like to look younger and smell good.

There’s 2 problems. Firstly you won’t look younger because chances are the skin cream won’t make you look younger, though you may feel good about having used it.

Secondly, fragrances are not good chemicals to put on your skin. Because that’s what they are, chemicals that smell good, and many of them aren’t that good for you. It’s the same with perfumes, for example, but if you apply a perfume it’s only a small squirt on one spot, it’s not massaged all over your face where it disappears, into your blood. So just use a perfume instead.

2. Don’t buy skin care creams that have collagen in them. Now this at first glance appears counterintuitive doesn’t it? Everyone knows that collagen, or the breakdown of collagen in your skin, leads to sagging and wrinkling of the skin so putting more collagen on must be good.

Yes and no. Yes we need to replace that lost collagen, and no adding it to the bottles of anti-aging products like those moisturizers and day creams and night creams and so on doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, and so it just stays on the surface.

The only way to increase the levels of collagen in our skin is to stimulate the skin to make more collagen itself.

So why is that collagen in the bottle, and why is that big name celebrity on TV telling you how much younger they look? Because the anti aging companies know that people buy the products if they have collagen in them, so they sell lots of bottles.

Even if it doesn’t do anything for you. Even if it’s got suspect ingredients. It will sell.

That’s marketing for you.

Problem is, all this marketing is expensive. The good looking celebrity has to be paid, usually lots, the fancy bottles need to be purchased, and the advertising costs a bomb.

So even though that anti aging treatment doesn’t do much, other than make you smell better, it costs a bomb. And people assume if it costs that much it has to work.

So there is 2 things to avoid when looking for a good anti aging skin care treatment. There’s more but this is getting long.

So maybe you should just give up on anti-aging products because they don’t work? No. There are excellent anti-aging products that work fine, are moderately priced and use ingredients known to be safe.

But they are produced by small niche companies that you’ve probably never heard of, who quietly produce high quality products at reasonable prices because they don’t pay the good looking celebrities and spend up big on TV advertising. That’s why you’ve never heard of them. If they started doing that their products would cost a bomb too.

Don’t despair. I’ve shown you just some of the things to avoid when choosing anti aging skin care products, and told you there are excellent alternatives. Now it’s up to you. Find out more on my website.

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