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Kitchen Supplies a Busy Cook Cannot Live Without

Cooking takes time, whether from scratch or from inside the box. We can take advantage of prepared meals and other convenience meals offered by our local supermarkets, but we can only eat so much packaged food. There are times when we feel like cooking and we look forward to wearing that apron and preparing a wholesome meal for our family.

The idea behind cooking is that it should be enjoyable. Feeding and nurturing your family is after all a labor of love, but you need the right tools and kitchen supplies to enjoy cooking.
What are some kitchen supplies that a busy cook cannot live without?

Slap Chop

You may have seen this product advertised on TV. It is an indispensable kitchen gadget especially if you do a lot of chopping and slicing. Many cooks chop at least between one and two onions and a carrot while making a meal. A bulky food processor may only rob you of time when it is time to clean it.

The slap chop is a stand alone device, that sits on your counter top. It only chops your food if you apply gentle pressure from the top. Press it down once for large slices, or press down several times until your food is the perfect size. The slap chop is also very simple to clean.

Slow Cooker and Recipes

Some kitchen appliances are sold with a user’s manual but without any recipes. You should look for a slow cooker that comes with a recipe book. This can save you time since you may not have to search for recipes.

Slow cookers are excellent because they increase the flavor of the foods being cooked. The spices and juices come out at their best since the cooking is done at a very low temperature over a longer period of time. This allows the flavors to seep and settle into the food.

Butter and Cream Cheese Softener

A lot of recipes call for softened butter. There is a great product that allows you to soften your butter and cream cheese without letting it sit on the table for hours. With these silicone container softeners, simply unwrap your butter and cream cheese, put them in these containers and microwave them for 90 seconds. Your butter and cream cheese are all ready to go into the mixing bowl!

Flexible, Fold Down Spice Organizer

With a spice organizer, you should no longer have to fumble around for that spice bottle. This three-piece spice drawer holds half (maximum 26 bottles) or full size (maximum 18 bottles) spice bottles for the small size organizer. The large organizer holds 27 full size bottles and 54 half size bottles. The drawers are designed to fold downward making it easier for you to access your spices.

Grease Keeper

These grease keepers are made of stoneware so you can put an end to grease storage containers that are visually unattractive. They are made with a stainless steel mesh device and can store up to 6 cups of grease. Dishwasher safe as well!

Plate Cradle

A Plate Cradle is a great way to store your dishware. These plate cradles can free up your cabinet space or they can come in handy when you want to dry them on the side of the sink. They also look good on your buffet table. These plate cradles can go into the dishwasher after use with no problem!

Dome Containers

Leaving tomatoes and onions sit on the counter for days can rob them of their freshness and color. You can preserve the taste of your fresh onions and tomatoes with air-tight dome containers. They are especially useful for preserving lettuce, melon, tomatoes and onions. It is the ultimate storage devices that can keep the busy cook happy and stress free.

Bring on the honey!

Pouring honey from their original containers can be messy. Why not store your honey in this no-drip honey and syrup dispenser so that you use only the amount you need. These dispensers do away with the dripping or spilling. You can replenish your honey or syrup by unscrewing the top cover. They also store up to 7 ounces of liquid.

Lid Organizer

If you have ever wasted time looking for the lids of your pots and pans, you may want to consider separating your lids with lid organizers. This can help save you time since you do not have to spend precious minutes looking for those that match. This organizer easily holds six pot lids or 36 plastic lids. This storage gadget easily fits into your cabinet. If you need a lid, just slide it out.

If you are looking for an easier way to organize your kitchen supplies and make cooking much simpler, you should consider these tips. These products are all very helpful and can make your life in the kitchen much less stressful.

Sandy Darson is a freelance writer who writes about home accessories, often focusing on specific items such as a peanut butter maker.


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