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Natural Beauty Secrets – Seven Common Skin Care Blunders That Can Lead To Disaster

One line that you would never hear from a cosmetic producers, ”If the skin has no problems then it will never need a special cream with exotic seaweeds”. They need you to use their high priced cosmetic whatever the health of the skin. As you’ll read in this short article, it is kind of easy to hold your skin healthy and beautiful without using high priced products.

Keep away from the seven mistakes below and you’ll find yourself on the road to healthy, young looking skin. The key of beautiful skin is giving your skin the right kind of care.

It’s a dream of many ladies to possess that “pure, porcelain color skin” Despite the quantity information on skin care, still few women get their desirable skin type. Besides, wide access to the knowledge, it has not helped us to avoid those mistake that brings our skincare efforts to a screaming halt.

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to improve the health and look of the skin with these six simple steps:

1) Don’t use too strong of your cleansing and peeling product. Many women consider the foamier their cleansing gel is, the better it can be! Sorry to say, it’s just the opposite. Soft cleansing gels will not create much foam. Yet, an item that produces rich foam is a sign that the product includes a powerful detergent. The product may include lauryl sulfate, which can remove the vital lipids contained in the skin. Also these products can contain Isoprene, that may induce or increase the quantity of acne within the skin. This ingredient can cause other varieties dermatitis, pigmentation irregularities and in many cases early aging of the skin.

Advise – Try to wash your face with soft cleansing products containing fatty acids, which don’t strip the skin of its natural skin barriers. There are usually those that are meant for dry or sensitive skin type. Regular soap may also cause problems to your skin. Most are harmful and should be avoided. Rule of thumb, the less chemicals you see within the list of ingredients, the happier your skin is going to be.

2. The incorrect usage of peeling products It is a recognized undeniable fact that skin peeling improves skin color and face structure. It even offers unmatched rejuvenating effect and smooths slight wrinkles. The hard part of going through the skin peeling process is finding the right one to use.

There are a wide variety of peelings and scrubs. Not all are the same. Caution needs to be adhered to at all times when using these kids of products. Otherwise they only ruin the skin instead of recreating a fresh healthy look.

The best age get started on using a peeling product is when you find yourself in your 30s. Before this age, your skin is young enough to provide so called ”self peeling”. At this age it can easily remove its own dead and old skin cells.

Recently, ever more of these peeling formulas, in day and night creams are showing up in stores. The process of peeling within these creams are provided by enzymes and exfoliating acids. These types of products work are gentler on the skin, than regular scrubs and peelings, but they supply the same function. Over use of these creams is not good. If you employ these kinds of creams in the mornings, and additionally peel the skin at night, then, as a result, you get a reverse effect. The thin layer of skin going through the renewed process can be traumatized. The result will be rough, unhealthy skin.

3. Non regular usage of creams with retinoids Retinoids (representatives of a medical substances that contain vitamin A) for now are the only ingredients, with scientific proven results. They act very well to prevent wrinkles, as well as smooth wrinkles that have already appeared within the skin. Recommended age for using these creams is 30 yrs. The recommended use is at night before bed or regular use once during the day. Direct sunlight on the skin need to be avoided while using the cream.

4. Regular visits to beauty salons. Yes, you heard right. Spending money for expensive professional skincare routines doesn’t guarantee the terrific result you were hope for. Quite often the cosmetologist can’t recognize your specific skin needs. So, the cosmetic care can cause acne, allergic reactions and make the skin even drier. And an easy application in your own home, like a masks can offer better effects than some “chemical” masks. Besides, the skin being exposed to cosmetic procedures again and again will bring about drier and tired skin.

5. Non regular usage of sunscreen creams They are not only good for the beach. Sunscreen needs to be used year around. The sun is the number one enemy of the skin. It’s always better to buy moisturizes, tonic, powder that already contains sun protection with an index at least 15 SPF. In summer time, you would want to have a far higher SPF index.

6. Do you forget to remove your make-up before to sleep? You should never let yourself go to sleep with make-up on. Despite how tired you might be, forgetting to remove your makeup could be disastrous to your skin. Even, just leaving make up on once over night can bring you skin problems that will take weeks to get rid of. You ought to wash your face and not just with water, but with a very gentle cleansing gel or cream.

7. Finally, when was the last time you thrown away expired cream that wasn’t yet finished? So many folks keep using creams regardless that they have expired.

It’s a well known fact that ladies like to buy several cosmetics, they usually don’t part with them easily. Most creams are only good for one to 2 years. Keep it in mind, that using cream after it expires can damage your skin. The abilities of the cream to cure the skin are no longer there and it may actually have a negative effect on the skin.

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