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The Ins And Outs Of Anti Aging Skin Creams

Chances are high that as you age you are starting to become more interested in anti aging skin creams. There is a massive market in anti aging skin care products because we care so much about how we look as we get older.

So here’s the good news, the ugly and the bad news about anti aging skin creams. Let’s begin with the bad news.

The bad news is that most skin care products and anti aging products don’t work very effectively. There is one simple reason for this and it’s called profit. There is enormous sums of money to be made by producing cheap products and advertising them on TV. Just like in other industries where there is huge profits involved many companies will focus on the profits and produce cheap low quality products to maximize profit. Whilst this works extremely well for these companies it’s not so effective for the consumer.

It works extremely well to produce a low quality product and advertise on TV. It makes lots of money but it doesn’t result in high quality products.

That’s the bad news. Now to the ugly news about anti aging creams. Many of them contain ingredients which may be dangerous to your health as well as irritating to your skin. This may include products you use every day right now. There’s a simple reason for this. Chemical and petrochemical ingredients such as mineral oil and petrolatum (which are derived from crude oil) are incredibly cheap to buy and so using them in anti aging skin creams allows them to produce products which are extremely cheap to manufacture.

There are alternatives. There are excellent natural ingredients which are known to be highly effective at improving overall skin health and which are also safe but in almost every case these are extremely expensive and are therefore not used in the mainstream products.

Now to the good news. There are small anti-aging companies that produce top shelf high quality anti aging skin creams and other natural skin care products that use highly effective natural ingredients that are also safe to apply to your skin. However because these ingredients are much more expensive the products cost much more to manufacture. However they are not more expensive to buy for one particular reason.

This is the reason their products are cost competitive. These companies don’t advertise. They save massive amounts of money because they don’t advertise in the magazines on TV so it’s unlikely you’ve heard of them.

They know that, over time, they will develop a growing group of dedicated customers who know the quality of the products and who will use them for life. This is a long term growth philosophy at the expense of short-term profits. It produces a solid stable long-term business based on product quality rather than marketing.

So there are excellent (and safe) anti aging skin creams, in fact entire antiaging skin care lines that are available right now. The problem is they are very hard to find because they are not advertised.

One company has even gone so far as to offer a 100 percent money back guarantee because they are so confident about the quality of their products. Try to get a money back guarantee from one of the big anti aging companies.

So there you have the good news and bad news about anti aging skin creams. Hopefully you’re more educated about how the anti aging industry works.

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