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Your Teen Daughter & Makeup: Try Mineral Makeup

It is a rite of passage for a daughter to play in her mother’s makeup. If you have your own teenage daughter you may have already experienced this. When she is ready for her own makeup, help her find a natural product.

The teen years can be harsh, and not only in social settings. Acne often shows up at this time when the hormones are gearing up. since teen girls pay great attention to their looks, this can be a blow to the self esteem.

Covering up acne with makeup seems like a good idea, but in the long run, it will have a poor outcome. Chemicals in the makeup can bring on new skin problems. That’s not what we want for our daughters at all.

When the time comes for makeup, make an informed decision. Consider mineral makeup as a way to keep her skin healthy and bring out her natural beauty. Go with her when she tries mineral makeup for the first time.

Benefits for Your Daughter

One thing to consider with mineral makeup is the health of your daughter’s skin. Skin on the face is delicate anyway and when you are a teen, hormones put the skin through a number of tough phases. Adding traditional pore clogging makeup to the mix is not a wise choice.

Mineral makeup was designed to reduce the appearance of makeup on your face. It looks like you aren’t wearing anything at all. To achieve this, the minerals meld with your skin for a flawless look with no tell-tale lines to show where you natural tone ends and the makeup begins. And, it only needs to be applied once for maximum effect.

Mineral makeup has another purpose. It seeks to enhance what is naturally there. If there are skin imperfections, the minerals are designed to reduce their appearance. As a result, the makeup looks like you are wearing no makeup at all. Your daughter will like that.

The secret is in the mineral formulation and the application. Unlike other makeup, it doesn’t take a large amount of the mineral powder to make a difference. Using a Kabuki brush, it is easy to apply the minerals to the face quickly. Your daughter won’t need to spend a lot of extra time in the morning fixing her face before school. You and your daughter will be pleasantly surprised with how the makeup looks and makes her feel.

With mineral makeup, your daughter can:

– Look more like the natural beauty she is.

– Learn about natural beauty

– Let her natural beauty show for everyone to see

Who would want to wear anything else on their face with benefits like that?

Need more information about mineral make up? Marilyn Etzel’s Beauty Talk answers all of your questions about mineral makeup cosmetics and more. As president of ME Naturally, LLC, Marilyn is dedicated to providing you with quality mineral makeup with the finest natural ingredients.

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